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  1. Peter Schmidt says:

    I am really excited about this idea and it’s a shame that I found out about it after the panel assessing health apps closed.
    Last year I published an app (iPhone/Android) for people living with HIV – to help people with HIV keep track of their results and treatment. The uptake has been great and it demonstrates there is a need for this type of technology.
    Prescribing apps through clinics/GPs is definitely a way forward and I am very encouraged to see the Department of Health being so proactive in this area.
    Kind regards
    Peter Schmidt

    • Nigel Smith says:

      Agreed. We produced an app for lorry drivers who have notoriously unhealthy lifestyles partly due to the lack of accessibility to excercise and healthy food during their working day, not to mention stress etc. http://driversmateapp.com/

      We have also picked up on increased interest in using e-learning tools amongst staff as opposed to more costly face to face training such as our Every Contact Counts Brief Advice Training Tool http://education.nhslocal.nhs.uk/ however what I would like to see happen is for these to be enabled as apps as well to capture more people who could do the training e.g. on the train from their phone as opposed to having to wait to find a computer. However that obviously has a financial cost as well.

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  2. Jon Campbell says:

    These health maps show some interesting distributions of health-related issues in the UK. Crowd-sourcing is clearly going to be a great way of collecting data in the future – think what John Snow’s maps of the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak did for public health care.

  3. Jon Foster says:

    Just wondering whether there was an update on this? Have you done anything with the ‘directory’ of apps, or looked to adopt or start using some?

    I’d be interested to know, as the project seems to have died down a bit with no real follow up beyond this post…

    Thanks in advance!

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